Oscar Verhaar – Countertenor
Eran Wajsenblum – Recorders
Katharina Humpel – Baroque Hobo
Michiel Niessen – Luit
Robert Koolstra – Harpsichord/Organ
Roberto Alonso Álvarez – Baroque Cello

… an ensemble dedicated to presenting the unique beauty and vitality of European music from the 17th and 18th centuries.
With a vibrant musical language, using authentic instrumentsand performance practice, The Duchess captivates and connects their audience to the ideas behind the music.
The group takes its name and inspiration from an era of immense change in Western culture and thought, a period in which revolutionary ideas in science and philosophy were reflected in the artsas Europe crossed into the modern age. Ensemble The Duchess lowers the threshold between audience and music while raising the standards of performance, giving new insights into old music.